Gray Acres Maintenance Corp.

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Members of the GAMC Board:

  • Christopher Baldwin    401 Ivory Lane    (302)218-7312 
  • Bhavik Shah      107 W. Flagstone Dr     (302)743-7425
  • Joe Yanotka       515 Sepia Court           (302) 368-3115
  • Kelly Williams   409 W Flagstone Dr.
  • Al Maresca     409 W Flagstone Dr
  • Tanisha Bass  235 E Flagstone Dr.
  • Kathy Homa    302 E. Flagstone Dr.
  •  The Gray Acres Maintenance Corporation (GAMC) is responsible for the upkeep of all common areas, collection of assessments via the county collection system, and the payment of bills encured by the neighborhood (landscaping, storm pond maintenance, snow plowing, electricity,  etc).  The GAMC solicits bids for landscaping and snowplowing every year.  The GAMC facilitates an annual meeting, and it is at that meeting that a budget is approved.  The GAMC meets regularly throughout the year, and the minutes from those meetings are accessable to residents via this website.



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